Honda Civic Bluetooth Not Working: Fixing The Problem

Bluetooth is the primary wireless standard that is used to connect different electronics over a short distance. As such, it is the easiest way to connect your phone to your Honda Civic wirelessly. There are several benefits of this connection including playing your favorite playlist and making calls.

You just discovered that your Honda Civic Bluetooth has stopped working and you are worried. What could be the problem? How do you fix it? These are the questions we will answer in this post. Let’s get started.

honda civic bluetooth not working

Honda Civic Bluetooth Not Working: Possible Reasons and Fixes

Sometimes, you may try to connect your phone to your car Bluetooth, and it doesn’t work. There are several reasons why this could happen. It could be a case of compatibility and it could also be an interference issue.

Whatever the case is, you should first restart your smartphone before going ahead with your investigation. Now, let’s look at the possible reasons why your Honda Civic Bluetooth is not working.

Incompatible versions of Bluetooth

The general notion is that Bluetooth is universal. Interestingly, certain devices may conflict because the Bluetooth versions aren’t the same. It shouldn’t be surprising that your car may be using an older Bluetooth version than your smartphone. Sometimes, it could be vice versa. Regardless, they should still pair and work together.

The only reason why the two devices may not connect is when one of the devices is making use of “Bluetooth Smart.” In this case, it is only compatible with another device using the same Bluetooth version. So if your Bluetooth is not working, it may be that one of the devices is using Bluetooth Smart.

Overly long distance between devices

Usually, Bluetooth devices have a range, as it is with any wireless connection. The typical distance is around 30 feet. Usually, at this point, the functionality becomes very poor and the sound is breaking. It may even get worse when there are obstructions between the devices.

What are we driving at? If your Civic’s Bluetooth is far from the connecting device, it may not work well or stop working altogether. In this case, you just need to bring your device closer to the Bluetooth. Also, ensure that there is little to no obstruction between the devices. A very good position to place the smartphone is in a car phone holder.

Low battery

If you are conversant with using the Bluetooth feature on your phone, you will agree that it sucks up battery power. Because of this, your smartphone is designed to activate its power-saving mode when low on battery power. In this mode, several features that consume battery life will stop working including Bluetooth.

So when you notice that the Bluetooth feature suddenly stops working, check your smartphone. If it is in power-saving mode, you can turn the Bluetooth feature back on manually. Another thing to do is to start charging the device. Simply get a USB cable and plug in your smartphone to one of the USB ports in the car. However, the best thing to do is to always ensure that your devices are well charged, especially when going on long trips.

Disabled Bluetooth connection

You just started your Honda Civic and the Bluetooth doesn’t connect as it used to. At this point, you begin to worry about the problem. There is no need to panic. It could be that you have disabled the Bluetooth connection on one of the devices.

Sometimes, you fiddle with your smartphone so much that you tamper with some settings accidentally. It may not be you, it may be one of your kids. Check your phone to see if the Bluetooth feature is on. If it isn’t, simply toggle it on as, without this, both devices cannot connect.

Pairing mode is off

Is the first time you are pairing your device to your car’s Bluetooth? If it isn’t working, it could be a pairing mode issue. Usually, when you try to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth the other device should be in pairing mode.

If your car Bluetooth doesn’t appear in the phone’s list, it means that it is not in pairing mode. Check your car owner’s manual to find out how to put the Bluetooth in pairing mode. Also, ensure that your phone is in pairing mode so that the car Bluetooth can find it. If after you do this, you can’t find any of the devices, then the problem may be Bluetooth compatibility.

Signal interference

Even though it is very rare to have signal interference in your car, it is still possible. If you make use of your device Wi-Fi in your car, it could interfere with the Bluetooth connection. It is also possible for USB 3.0 connections to produce interference that is the same spectrum as Bluetooth devices.

The most common reason for this is poor shielding. Also, if another device in your car was previously paired then it could connect and prevent your device from connecting. Be sure to check that the other connections are off if you notice that your Bluetooth is not connecting.

Firmware needs update

Sometimes, the reason why your Honda Civic Bluetooth is not working is that the firmware needs an update. Updates are designed to fix bugs and make the system work faster and better. One of the easiest ways to update your firmware is to connect your device to the internet. Check for your car’s firmware and then download it to your car.

System reset

If you have tried everything else to no avail, it is time to reset your Honda Civic Bluetooth system. There are several ways of doing this. A simple soft reset can help to solve Bluetooth issues.

What you need to do is to delete your Honda Civic from the device then disable the Bluetooth. After doing this, delete your smartphone from your car’s Bluetooth system. Now, re-enable both Bluetooth devices and re-pair them. Your car Bluetooth should establish a connection now.