Honda Civic Passenger Window Not Working: Causes & Fixes

In the past, we had to wind our car windows up and down manually. Then came power windows that saved us from that manual labor. Despite being so efficient, there are times when this interesting invention fails.

What do you do when your Honda Civic passenger window begins to malfunction? This can be a very embarrassing and inconvenient situation. It could even get worse when rain is falling or you need to wind up to enjoy your AC.

In this post, we will look at the possible reasons why your passenger window is not working. We will also show you how to fix this problem.

honda civic passenger window not working

Honda Civic Passenger Window Not Working: Possible Reasons

There are so many reasons why your Honda Civic passenger window may stop working. In this section, we will enumerate the most common of these reasons. Let’s get started.

Burnt motor or a blown fuse

You must check the fuse once an electrical component of your car malfunctions. The reason is that the fuse is a major part of the electrical circuits in your car. It could be blown while trying to protect the other components from damage resulting from electrical surges.

How are you so sure that it is not the motor with the problem? When you press down the switch, you should hear a sound. If this clicking or whirring sound is present, then the motor is getting power. This means that both the motor and switch are doing great.

However, when you don’t hear a sound, you have to check the fuse box to see if the fuse is okay. Once you locate the associated fuse, check to see if it is out of position. If it is, simply put it back into position then check if the window is working as it should. However, if it is in place and not working, you should change the fuse.

If after changing the fuse, the motor doesn’t make the clicking or whirring noise, then you have more trouble. It means that the motor is probably burnt and you need to change it. In this case, you need the help of a mechanic.

Faulty switch

This is another very common electrical issue that could be plaguing your Honda Civic passenger window. When the window switch is not working, the window wouldn’t respond even if power gets to the motor. There are several ways of knowing if the window switch is bad.

One way is to try rolling up or down the window using the switch located on the driver’s door. If this switch works, then it means that the switch on the passenger door is faulty. In this case, you need to check if the switch is faulty or you have a wiring problem.

Checking the wiring may be quite tasking if you don’t have prior experience with power windows. Because of this, we suggest that you reach out to your mechanic to help you. After they check the wiring and everything is fine, they will have to change the switch.

Stuck window glass

Sometimes, it is not that the passenger window isn’t working. However, the window glass may get stuck on its way up or down. In some cases, it doesn’t go past a certain level and you need to support the window by hand.

If this is happening with your passenger window, then you have a mechanical problem. What is happening is that the glass is getting stuck in its tracks. There are tracks located on the edge of the window glass to hold it in place. However, the window glass may get stuck here because of grime or dust.

When this occurs, the friction prevents the window glass from moving beyond a certain level. The easiest way to fix this problem is to provide lubrication to the tracks. You can do this by opening the door panel and pouring some oil. However, we suggest that you take the car to your mechanic to help you if you don’t have prior experience.

Broken window regulator

Wondering what the window regulator is? It is a metal arm that is designed to connect the window motor and the window glass. All these components are located within the car door.

The regulator can fail after a while of using your Honda Civic. This is mostly because of wear and tear. When this happens, it is best to leave the car to a professional mechanic to help solve the problem. All they will be doing is taking out the old regulator then replacing it with a new one.

Ice or snow effects

Do you live in a region where there is a lot of snow and ice? If yes, then these elements could cause the passenger window to begin to malfunction. Why is this?

It is simple, both elements can find their way into the door panel. When they do, they compromise the functionality of the system. This can have several effects on the power window. For example, it could result in the window glass getting stuck in its track. It could also affect the window regulator and cause it to stop working. Finally, it could affect the electrical circuit which may result in a blown fuse or burnt motor.

Honda Civic Passenger Window Not Working: How to Fix It On Your Own

If you notice that the problem with your passenger window is mechanical, you can take these steps to fix it:

  • Take out the door panel by removing the screws.
  • Remove the lodged vapor barrier. This component is always held in with a butyl ribbon sealer.
  • Check all the cables you see for misaligned or broken pieces. If you notice any broken cables, join them back and hold them with tape.
  • Check other parts of the window system for any broken parts. If you find any, ensure that you replace them.
  • Lubricate all the moving parts of the window system.
  • Reinstall the panel following a reverse process. Your passenger window should be working now. If it isn’t, then reach out to your mechanic.