Subaru Starlink Not Working: Causes & How to Fix

Subaru Starlink is designed to improve your driving experience featuring a nice set of safety and security features including services like SOS emergency, collision notification, and roadside assistance. For the most part, the service is totally worth it and most users are thankful to have it installed.

However, while the system is great, it isn’t perfect. If you’re noticing glitches, error messages, head unit failure, and other problems, you’re not alone. Many users as well have had issues with their Subaru Starlink system and luckily, there are few things you can do to get it back to normal.

subaru starlink not working

In this piece, you will find some solutions to Subaru Starlink Not Working that should get things fixed.

Subaru Starlink Not Working: Likely Causes

The fixes in this guide would help solve the most common issues. They would help if you’re experiencing the following:

  • The car’s back up camera suddenly freezes or shuts down
  • Head unit fails and disables audio and radio control
  • Entire system lockup and error messages that remain until you turn off the vehicle for several hours
  • Black screen or blank display even though the infotainment system is working
  • Unable to shut off the radio or adjust the volume when backing up
  • Radio volume suddenly turns up immediately the car is turned on. This could occur even if turned the radio off before turning off the car.
  • Favorite apps are no longer updated or remembered
  • Radio turns off on and off on its own
  • Touchscreen is unresponsive

Subaru Starlink Not Working: Most Common Causes

The causes of a faulty Subaru Starlink system range from simple issues that require easy fixes to more complex issues that would require a more tactical approach.

Technical Glitches

Technical glitches are common in any piece of software, and when it comes to car systems they are quite frequent. These glitches could cause the display to go blank or your radio to turn off on and off on its own.

Outdated Software

Subaru Starlink issues reported by users made the company to release several updates to resolve the problems. If you’re still facing the same issues, then you might want to consider updating the software. This might help solve the issue faster.

Head Unit Failure

If this is the cause of your problems, then you would have to spend to get things fixed. This could be due to other faults in the entire system. Replacing the head unit is the best approach to fixing any issues with Subaru Starlink once and for all.

Subaru Starlink Not Working: How to Fix

1. Update your Subaru Starlink software

This is the easiest solution to go for. If you notice that the service is unresponsive or that it freezes and drains your car battery even when the engine is off. This should be the first step to take.

Subaru has released multiple software updates to solve bugs and most of the issues with the system so you should endeavor to check and download the latest versions.

  • To update to the latest version, you need to connect your Subaru to your Wi-Fi connection. This would help you get future software updates.
  • Connect to your home Wi-Fi (it should reach your driveway or parking location) or phone Wi-Fi hotspot. Ensure you have a least 100MB of data before doing so. Avoid using Wi-Fi connections that require acceptance or one with data restrictions.
  • Once connected, go to General and then Settings to update your Subaru Starlink
  • Scroll down and tap Software Update
  • You can set for automatic updates by clicking Automatically Check for Updates so that your vehicle alerts you for the next update.
  • To update your vehicle to the latest version tap Update
  • If there is an update available, the option Download Now will come up. Click on it to download the software.
  • You may receive a No Server Response signal while trying to update the system. This could be due to weak Wi-Fi connections. Using your phone hotspot is best as it keeps you close to the Wi-Fi source at all times.
  • Once downloaded, tap Install Now
  • This should take about 30 minutes. When done, a prompt will pop up. Click Ok and then turn off your vehicle.
  • Ensure all the screens go blank and wait for about 5 minutes to complete the update process. You can exit the vehicle during this period.
  • After 5 minutes, restart the vehicle. You should see a “software update complete” message indicating that your installation was successful.

If you didn’t see this message after turning your car on, then you should turn it off again, let it sit for 5 more minutes before restarting.

2. Turn the car off and then on

If you’ve already updated the software and still experience glitches or screen issues, then turning the car system on and off could help to get things back to normal.

Turning the car system on and off is pretty simple but you need to give enough time before turning it back on so that the system clears out the problem. This fix would help if you start seeing error messages on the system or it completely locks up.

You can turn it off and wait for about 5 minutes before turning it back on. If you want to wait longer, you may get better results. Still, technical glitches in most car systems clear out once you turn off the system and turn it back on after a few minutes.

3. Replace the head unit

This would cost you extra but it’s the only fix that would correct everything in an instant.  Before going for this fix, you should try the other solutions. Sometimes updating the software would be the most efficient solution. If you’re able to correct the problem by restarting your car, then there is no need to replace the head unit.

However, if after trying the other solutions and you still can’t get the system to function, then you’re better off saving for a replacement head unit.